The company was founded in 1961 by the forefather Aniello De Santis as a sartorial fur workshop, and established itself in subsequent years on the Italian market with its 'fabulous furs' that stand out for their perfect balance between avant-garde style, traditional elegance and measured luxury.

Since 1971 the brand has specialised in the sector of tailor-made clothing, with lines dedicated to men and women ranging from the formal elegance of wedding and ceremonial dresses to tailored leisurewear.

In 1980 the prestigious atelier of Pontecagnano (Salerno) was inaugurated, a veritable headquarters of the brand: a thriving and dynamic reality, characterised by the professionalism and high specialisation of the workers involved in the manufacture. The sartorial skills resulting from the experience of generations, together with the work of excellent artisans and the attention to details and creativity, make each De Santis garment a unique and customisable piece.

Over the years, through the second generation now represented by the sons of Aniello De Santis Giuseppe, Carmine and Valentino, the brand has continued to evolve and renew itself, always remaining a benchmark for Italian fur and haute couture.

The fur and prêt-à-porter collections by Carmine De Santis debuted in the early 90s. Carmine is also at the head of high fashion bridal and ceremonial lines, and opened the showroom in Via Ariberto, an open space in the heart of Milan.

In 2016, the meeting of Carmine De Santis with the talented Colombian designer Martin Alvarez marked the beginning of a new successful evolution for the brand. Thus was born the line De Santis by Martin Alvarez, which debuted at the Milan Fashion Week with a prêt-à-porter collection in which extraordinary variations of colour recall a contemporary femininity, with a timeless class.

The combination of Italian inspiration and Colombian soul became the identifying characteristic of Martin Alvarez collections. His sartorial artistry combines the modern revisitation of classics with unconventional interpretations, leading to unexpected forms; the unstructured clothes thus became the pivotal feature of his collections.

The result is a pure synergy of styles, colours, techniques and materials.

Martin Alvarez is a master in the choice of colours and fabrics, a tireless experimenter of new shapes. Together with Carmine De Santis, with his exclusive creations of sartorial fur, they create a new contemporary luxury.

The De Santis by Martin Alvarez collections are characterised by excellence in the search for shapes and materials, accuracy and innovation in workmanship, and exclusive details; all thanks to the artisan and sartorial expertise that has characterised the De Santis company for over 60 years. Each garment is guaranteed to be entirely made in Italy using the best fabrics and the best craftsmen, in order to offer a superior quality product, starting from the carefully selected raw materials, respecting the most genuine tradition of Italian high tailoring.