"In our workshop every step of the garment is handcrafted. Expert hands cut, sew and stitch. The master tailor marks with chalk and cuts with scissors only one item at a time. Piece by piece the various parts are basted, sewn and ironed, all with equal care. Slowly, hour after hour, the dress takes its shape".
Carmine De Santis

The Vigevano Lab tailoring laboratory, present on the Italian market since 1975, designs and produces women's clothing using traditional techniques of craftsmanship combined with the most modern technology.

Each garment is produced entirely in Italy, with expert labour, guaranteeing impeccable realisation and the accuracy of every single detail.

The laboratory is equipped with over twenty sewing machines, two departments dedicated to cutting and one for ironing. It offers modelling and stylistic consulting services, feasibility studies, design, fitting and cancellation of defects on sample garments, size development, and the manufacture of small and large samples, in addition to the industrialisation and large-scale production of individual garments and entire collections.

Each processing step is followed with great passion and rigour, paying the utmost attention to details, proportions and to the choice of the best materials; an accomplishment based on the expertise in the handling of each type of fabric.

The laboratory also offers a 'made to measure' service where the production process is entirely handmade. The study of new garments and the creation of paper patterns follow traditional rules that guarantee a professional cutting edge. All finishes are hand-sewn and the exquisite accessories become a valuable feature. Moreover, maximum attention is given to the drawing phase, which is essential to shaping the dress in its final form.

The activity of Vigevano Lab stems from the desire to offer customers quality and dedicated attention, manufacturing work of the highest level and entirely Made in Italy, the accurate execution typical of the most qualified artisan techniques.